My Approach

Begin Your Journey

Bachelors in Psychology and Family Studies

Masters in Clinical Mental Health Counseling

Nationally Certified Counselor – NCC

Licensed Mental Health Counselor – LMHC (IN)

Licensed Professional Counselor – LPC (AZ)


Life is full of obstacles, whether they started early on in our life or later. Regardless, these life events can impact us in ways that can cause emotional, physical, and mental responses that we don’t always understand. We can get caught up in patterns and behavior we desperately want to breakout of but feel powerless to change. I truly understand the frustrations and hopelessness that can come with this, making it even more difficult to navigate through life and relationships-most often the ones that mean the most to us. I recognize that no two individuals are the same. My style is to collaborate with you as we clarify your goals, build upon your strengths (Yes, you have them), and together move you to a path of healing.